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Mechanical Advantage Theory
Get More Done With Less
... and remove the mystery out of "theory"!
Simple Mechanical Advantage
Consider the hauling field; that is to say, configure the MA system in a way that maximizes that amount of ground area the haul team can operate.
Compound Mechanical Advantage
Mechanical advantage systems always involve trade-offs. While applying an MA system to a rescue load will multiply hauling power, the speed at which the load moves will decrease proportionally.
Complex Mechanical Systems
Major taglines or commonly known as “two rope offsets” are two (2) rope systems working together in a complementary fashion”. They are used to negotiate much greater gaps than a deflected offset.
Mechanical Advantage Systems ~ arguably the "bulwark" of rope rescue, giving strong support, encouragement and leadership to those in need.
I honestly wasn't sure what to expect, but after having gone through the entire class... I am a believer in the structure and content delivered"
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