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The Problem

  • Riggers often have limited knowledge and skills, affecting their efficiency and confidence.
  • The rigging industry requires excellence, precision, and adaptability. Without quality education and support, riggers may feel overwhelmed.
  • Rigging is not just a job; it's a philosophy of safety, craftsmanship, and growth. Lack of proper guidance can disconnect riggers from its true essence.

The Solution

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  • Rediscover your love for rigging by mastering Mechanical Advantage, embracing the core philosophy of rigging excellence.
Mechanical advantage systems are essential for efficient and safe rigging, providing the needed leverage and control for complex tasks.
Which mechanical advantage system do you choose for tough rigging tasks, and why?
Simple Mechanical Advantage
Simple mechanical advantage is a basic system using pulleys to lift heavy objects with less effort.
Compound Mechanical Advantage
Compound mechanical advantage combines multiple systems like pulleys to lift very heavy loads with minimal effort.
Complex Mechanical Systems
Complex mechanical advantage uses intricate setups with various parts, especially in precise and safety-critical situations like rescues.
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