Are you needing more power out of your mechanical advantage systems?

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We give you a plan and solution to make this simple and painless!

From understanding basic friction and leverage principles right through to complex rigging applications, ultimately giving you the confidence to tackle almost any problem that comes your way. 
  • We'll be focusing on pulley systems and their application in technical rope rescue scenarios. 
  • ​Understanding the intricacies of a pulley system is paramount to successful technical rope rescue operations and will give you an edge in any technical situation that arises.
  • ​•You'll learn how to manipulate pulleys, understand their advantages and disadvantages, and how they should best be used in different situations. 
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  • An Overview of Mechanical Advantage Systems
  • ​Simple, Compound, Complex Systems
  • ​T-Method
  • ​Two Tension Rope Systems
  • ​Jigger Systems
  • Force Multipliers Introduction
  • ​Vectors, Scalars, Unit-less Values
  • ​Vector Analysis of Tripod and other AHD Systems
  • ​Friction, Torque, Impact and Fall Factors
Now, the word “theory” should grab your attention; it's a vacuum word, and we don’t work in vacuums. Life throws all kinds of stuff at us and systems are no different. So, we’re aiming at introducing you to the personality and characteristics of mechanical advantage systems. And yes, we’ll be covering much more in the advanced section under Technician. 
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